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70L+10L PET011 Automatic Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning for Multi Cats, Support 5G/Anti-Pinch/Health Monitoring/Odor-Removal

70L+10L PET011 Automatic Cat Litter Box Self Cleaning for Multi Cats, Support 5G/Anti-Pinch/Health Monitoring/Odor-Removal

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  • 【APP Remote Control】You can remotely control the automatic cat litter box through the REDSASA app(Supports 2.4G/5G WiFi). Includes features such as automatic cleaning, one-touch deodorization, multi-cat recognition and waste container reminder. Ideal for households with multiple cats and free your hands.
  • 【3-Way Odor Removal】This self cleaning cat litter box utilizes Newly Upgraded Ventilation System for deodorization that powerful suction removes odors. With negative ion deodorization and deodorization pack placement slot, to achieve all-round deodorization from chemical and physical aspects, maintaining a fresh and odor-free environment for your feline friend!(Deodorization pack not included in this product)
  • 【80L Large Space】With its spacious 70L cabin box, this self cleaning litter box offers a generous amount of interior space for cats to move freely(Entrance diameter 8.8 inches). The 10L waste collection bin can also store up to 15 days' worth of one cat excrement. Worry-free that perfect for long vocations and business trips away from home!
  • 【Safe For Cats】Equipped with multi-safety sensors to ensure the safety of your cat. This litter box features 4 weight sensors and entrance opposite infrared rays detect the cat's weight and presence, activate the cleaning only when your cat has left the litter box. Additionally, the anti-pinch function and the safety motor to avoid cat injuries, ensure maximum safety for your cat and home. Warm Tip: Applicable cat weight range for 2.2lb~26lb.
  • 【Tracking Cat's Health Status】Automatically tracks your cat's health data, including monitor weight and toilet usages, and sends updates to your smartphone anytime, anywhere. If any abnormalities are detected you'll be alerted immediately so you can catch any potential problems early.
  • 【U.S. Local Customer Service】REDSASA provides 12-month Repair & Refurbishment that backed by our US-based customer service team. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
No More Scooping

Finally, no more daily scooping! The REDSASA litter box has been a real time-saver for me.

Andrew Hall
Needs Improvement

I expected more from the REDSASA Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box. The self-cleaning feature sometimes misses spots, and the app control is not as user-friendly as I'd like. 2 stars because it has room for improvement.

A Game-Changer

This litter box is a game-changer for busy cat owners. It's made my life so much easier!

Olivia Hall
A Dream Come True

This litter box is a dream come true for cat owners.

Ethan Lopez
Great for Big Cats

Works perfectly for my large cat. No more litter mess.