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Portable Folding Automatic Pet Dryer Box for Cage Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

Portable Folding Automatic Pet Dryer Box for Cage Dogs, Cats, Rabbits

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  • 🐱New Blower+Low Noise Drying:  The dryer is equipped with a 360-degree internal and external circulation quick-drying hot air system. Silent mode allows your pet to enjoy the entire drying process in comfort. Bottom upwind, three-dimensional soft air drying.

  • 🐱Foldable and Portable:  The Pets Household Small Hair Dryer is foldable and can be stored in a corner when not in use. Lightweight and sturdy, space-saving, convenient to store, and easy to carry, it is the ideal choice for home use, trips, and travel.

  • 🐱Temperature Sensing: The temperature inside the box is intuitively visible,
    the temperature is sensed three-dimensionally, and the situation inside the box is digitally displayed. The owner can observe and adjust the wind speed and temperature at any time, which is comfortable and safe. Quickly generate warm air in 3 seconds after power, No preheating is required.

  • 🐱Hair Collection System: The hair collection part makes the pet drying box easy to clean pet hair, so you don't have to worry about pet hair cleaning.

  • 🐱Visible Window:  You can observe the state of the pet when it is automatically drying, and interact with your pet while blowing. Let your pet enjoy a bath without stress.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
Aiden Miller
Silent Savior

This dryer is so quiet, and it works like a charm. My dog stays relaxed.

Richard Turner
Fantastic Experience

The experience with the Cat Dryer Box is fantastic. It makes pet drying a joy.

Michael Harris
Best in the Market

This dryer box is the best in the market. It delivers exceptional performance and quality.

Maria Smith
Perfect Drying

The Cat Dryer Box provides perfect drying every time. It's a pet owner's dream.

Oliver Clark
Hair-Free Happiness

No more pet hair on my furniture. This dryer is a happiness-inducing invention.